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About Us – History

The Camano Island Inn, Restaurant and Spa is a rare treasure for the discerning traveler and is more than just an Inn…our beautiful waterfront property gives not only lovely rooms with amenities there is al fresco farm to table, organic and local ingredients dining, sunsets, nature…a spa and beauty!

Where it all began…a little history about the Camano Island Inn…before the advent of white exploration and settlement, Native American moved throughout what is now Island County and the Kikialos tribe permanently settled near the Inn and occupied the area prior to 1855.  The Kikialos subsisted on salmon, bottom fish, shellfish, and a multitude of plants and berries available.

After 1855, pioneers began to settle the area. A shingle mill was started in 1904 and the small town, Camano City, began to take shape. Camano Island’s first school was built near the inn in 1904.  The Camano Island Inn building was actually barged to the site shortly thereafter, to serve as a boarding house for mill workers.

Once the island was logged, the mill closed. In 1923, the dock at Camano City collapsed after being struck by the steam ship “Atalanta” in high seas. This brought about change to Camano City and the boarding house (The Camano Island Inn) became a fine hotel, hosting guests from around the world. Overland transport soon replaced steamship commerce. The local residents began subsistence farming, rather than logging, and tourism began to develop on Camano Island. Several fishing resorts and “autoparks” were located on Camano Island. The Camano City Hotel operated until the late 1950’s, when it became a private residence, and later, a nursing home.

In 1995, the previous owners, Jon and Kari Soth, began remodeling the facility and the Camano Island Inn Bed & Breakfast opened for business on July 3rd 1998. The Camano Island Inn was sold and purchased in 2009 and is now under new management.

Among the other features of the inn are:

  • Wifi access for our Guests
  • Private, secluded beach
  • Spacious upstairs guest lounge with oversize waterfront deck
  • Close access to Cama Beach and Camano Island state parks as well as the wonderful Canopy Tour NW for fun zipling.
  • Outside deck dining in the spring and summer
  • Original artwork from three local artist Candi Martin-Baker, Juanita Hagberg and Dan Koffman throughout the inn

1054, SW Camano Drive, Camano Island, WA 98282, United States P: (360) 387-0783  E: camanoislandinn@gmail.com

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